Jan. 10th, 2014

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Still dealing with fire stuff. Things on my plate right now:
  • Selecting a contractor to do the work
  • Finding a lawyer, because we're out about  40,000 in under-insured rebuild cost and more than that in contents over our coverage, and the AC company was very clearly at fault.
  • Dealing with insurance (who have all been super-nice).
  • getting a new apartment selected, furnished and moved into. it sounds like a big job to move everything we own between getting up Wed morning and Checkout time at 1pm, but really, it's 2 car loads, and we can put one of them into my husband's car the night before, so it's not that big of a deal
  • looking for an accountant to make sure we have some way of dealing with our taxes this year (our previous one disappeared on us)
  • Piffy is still not eating great. I thought he had a full meal this morning, but found half of it barfed on top of my shoes. He's lost a little weight (that he could stand to lose) and his poops are normal (he has stomach issues and when they act up his poop is loose and bloody). We'll have to keep an eye on it. He seems to be feeling good, playful and loving.
  • AutoCAD work (one small job) + I need to put the building plans from the house's construction into CAD so I don't have to pay an architect to do it.

I'm still writing on Fridays, if not during the week. Still on the Pat/Jonny fic. 16,000 words and growing. More sex-scenes than I think I've ever written in any fic ever, but I don't think any of them could have been left out.

One month in and I'm already jonesing for some craft thing to do. I might have to buy a jewelry kit to keep me occupied with a minimum of mess and bulk to move.

I think I might invest some of Sami's rebuild-fund (a friend held a small fund-raiser for her and got $1500) to decorate her new room once we get into the apartment. We went to Target last night and she really liked some things that I thought were very pretty and would make a cute room. 


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