Jan. 13th, 2014

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From: [personal profile] marina

So, I saw this meme on 
[personal profile] resonant's journal and thought it was the coolest idea, so, replicating!

I went to a conference this fall where instead of saying, "Hello, my name is ..." the name tags said, "Ask me about ..."

I loved that. It was a sustainability conference and that narrowed the options a bit, but there was still a surprising variety. "Ask me about organic eggs." "Ask me about green alleys." "Ask me about saving electricity." 

We have a huge range of knowledge and talent here. We pretty much know who can draw and write and pod and vid, but if some of you are experts on octopus intelligence or making eclairs or the works of Jane Austen, I would never know it. I wish we had those name tags here.
Ask me about:


Picture framing

Costuming for fantasy LARPs

Four year old children

First person accounts of running into a burning house

Being a girl playing a male-dominated "sport" (Amtgard)

Any non-yarn craft, probably (Leatherworking, sewing, beading,  various jewelry making, pottery, watercolor painting, any other? I might know)

Alt-Country/Americana music (I can't say what I like is any sort of professional opinion, but I know what I think is good).

I know about Dallas and Richardson TX and the surrounding areas. For the love of TEXAS, if you're writing Dallas Stars fic or J2 fic, PLEASE ask a Texan to Tex-pick your fic. 


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