Feb. 18th, 2014

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 Hey guys, so when the fire happened, I had those SPN jackets I'd painted in a back storage room. They got a tiny bit of smokiness, but not bad, and I couldn't throw them away, so I took them home and washed them with vinegar. 

Smoke is all gone, but the paint has less of a crisp stark whiteness to it and more of a well-loved t-shirt look. The market on Etsy had already sort of quieted down, and I don't think I want to go to the work of re-photographing them without a studio and lights and mannequin. 

So, beloved friend's-list, I'll send them to you guys for the price of shipping (like $10 to most of the US).  I have:

Devil's Trap, brown on a tan jacket, size LARGE. Jacket is sort of blue-tinged from being washed with the denim.

Devil's Trap, white on a dark blue NYJeans zipper-front jacket, size MED, but it's a small medium

Anti-possession tattoo in black with white accents on blue XL jacket

Devil's trap in white on a blue XL jacket, really cute jacket, collarless with big fun buttons on front. 

Anti-possession in white on a blue collarless dk blue jacket, size M (but this one runs small too)

Devil's trap in white, on a size SMALL faded blue jacket

First come, first served, and I've got this listed at LJ and DW both. If you're not sure if the jacket you want is still available, throw your name down anyway while I check on it or whatever.

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 Hey, anybody up for betaing a 1700 Bollig/Toews PWP role-play kink with make-believe power imbalance and a little D/s?  Anybody?
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Brandon likes being the Blackhawks' go-to guy. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his team. What Jonny's asking for? This is no hardship.
Words: 1689, Chapters: 1/1,
Warnings/enticements: role-playing, pretend power imbalance, predatory talk, D/s, lack of negotiation (but it all works out okay), first-time, possibly-virgin!Jonny, ambiguity
Inspired by this video: http://video.blackhawks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=894&id=263209&cmpid=embed-share-video
Fandoms: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Brandon Bollig, Jonathan Toews
Relationships: Brandon Bollig/Jonathan Toews
Additional Tags: Role Playing, Consensual Kink, First Time


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