Jun. 14th, 2016

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 (liveblog of my morning)
3 hrs of sleep.
--Get up early to drive hubby to work because his car is in the shop, and then we're right next door to child's school so her and I killed 90 minutes at the cafe of a grocery store. 
--Fight with child’s school (I brought her lunch yesterday and put it in the director’s hand and they gave her their lunch instead). child left school yesterday starving. Mama bear wasn't happy
--For breakfast, I went in Chick fil A (I know their corporate profile is shit, but this location is cool and the morning shift manager is a lot like me) and their flag was down. 
I was like “Hey, since when do you not fly the flag?” and they said there was a bad storm yesterday, they had to take it down. and they said they’d put it up soon (they were fairly busy at the time). 
I was like “To half-mast?” and they said yes, until the 16th and I was like “It kind of looks like a message that it’s not up already” and before I was done with my breakfast there was a guy out on a ladder putting it up.
--By 10:30 I'm stewing at the internet and I am not getting anything accomplished.
--Head home to try to clean house a little.  The bank next door has their flag at the top of the pole…I might just pick fights all damn day. 
--Holy shit the bank lowered their flag. I went in smiling super polite like “hi, I can’t help but notice that your flag is at full mast. I know you’ve lowered it for 9/11 and for the Paris tragedy. I was wondering if you could tell me why not for Orlando?” and the dude went eyes wide like “oh shit” and said they’d gotten an email and it should have already been changed.
I said “that’s great! Do you mind if I wait here until it’s done?” and he was like “I’ll do that right now.” and it’s done
Holy shit my heart is pounding.
--(So I got in my car and was like "fuck it. Fighting all damn day it is.")
--Credit union of Texas flat refused to deal with the request. The manager is “on vacation” and there is no boss at all in the entire building? Yeah right.
--Polytronix (i don’t even know what they hell they are) was the worst response. I gave my “Hi, I was wondering if we could lower that flag?” and she was like “For what.” and rolled her eyes when I said Orlando, so to hell with them, whoever they are.  A cop pulled up behind me a block from there and followed me close for a few blocks (I don’t think it’s related because of how quick it was, but the front desk could see me get in my car) but they didn’t do anything. 
--Greenbank manager was very apologetic “It was an oversight” and I was like *eyebrow* “The biggest loss of american life on american soil since 9/11?” (intentional deaths but that gets kind of clunky to add to my spiel) and she was like “I’ll get the facilities guy on that.” and I was “Is he on-site?” and the teller butted in “We do a half-mast without him” like she knew the manager wasn’t doing all she could.Manager was like “We’ll get right on it.” We’ll see if it goes down when I go to pick hubby up at work. Oversight. Wow. I just. I know we aren’t humans to some people? But wow that stung. 
--Lindan Park nursing home I didn’t have high hopes for. The front door opened into a common area for the residents and the nurse there was like “I’ll have to tell the administrator.” and like–I didn’t want to be pushy since I was in a secured area already, but I pointed out the magnitude of it and left. I sat in my car a minute sending a text and when I pulled out, the handyman was already on his way to the flagpole. I thanked him profusely and left.
Anyway. I have realized I’m self-treating my negative emotions by introducing enough outside stress that my perceptions of what I should be feeling can match what I’m actually feeling, but I feel a lot better now. It’s probably not the best coping technique. I need to stop and let the adrenaline fade a little before I pass out because I am seriously not-good shaking at this point.  


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