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Okay, the house has been broken into 3 times that we know of. Once, they stole a window-unit airconditioner and the workers' ladders. The second time they stole $800 worth of doors. There's nothing in there worth taking right now, but the workers nailed the gate shut so they'd stay out. They kicked through the paneling in the garage (it's unfinished on the inside) and got into the yard and then pried the wood that was nailed over the door off.

Apparently, nobody writes insurance policies that will cover theft or vandalism for a house in rebuild. The builder is not responsible. I'm pricing guard-dog rentals tomorrow. Has anybody ever used this kind of service?? They're insured for $2million but I think that's just if the dog damages things or someone sues for getting bit.

If we put the electrical wiring in and it gets stolen, or the parts of teh central AC that are outside, we will have to take out a loan to cover the loss. If we have to do that twice, we'd be better off to have sold the house as-is and bought a move-in ready place.

We have to tell the apartment complex 60 days in advance before we move out. We can't move forward until we know if it's secure.

I am so fucking stressed. I just want to curl up and write porn all day.
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