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Oh man. I heard this for the first time in the car today and just from the opening strains I knew I had to recc it. So I"m sitting here in McDonalds, and listening to it for only the second time, and I've got those "The world is so good sometimes" tears in my eyes.

This is the Edie Brikell/Steve Martin version of the folk song based on this story:

And Helms is my grandfather's name, so it's even cooler.

Thrown off the bridge
To the river by the ridge
Was the iron mountain baby

A man walking by
Said he heard a little cry
And he found him in a suitcase

Fifty feet down from the train to the ground
It's a miracle that he survived
What are the chances that a man would be standin' there
And take him home to his wife...

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I feel like I'm getting back into EVERYTHING now. It feels really great.

So here's another fic-song, like an entire story in four minutes or so.

Robert Earl Keen is an awesome performer, and really has a haunting quality to his voice in this one, pretty different to his other stuff.
If you're looking for a song where bad things happen to bad people, this is for you.

Lyrics )

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 The story of two good ol' boys who decide to mix up a batch of Rattlesnake Tequila.
A live (briefly) rattlesnake, a gallon of mezcal, lime and cinnamon and six months distilling later, they try it out, to somewhat predictable results.
Karma is a bitch. The rattlesnake gets her revenge.

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 Okay, in every interview I've ever seen, Todd Snyder is like this sweet funny humble guy, and this is one of the funniest story-songs in my to-recc list. 

The tale of a band that moves to Seattle during the height of the grunge movement, devises the ultimate gimmick, the rise and fall and return to the Nashville country they played before. 

It's hilarious with these little bits of dry humor scattered throughout, little grunge-references like "I feel stupid. And contagious." He does so very much with tone of voice and lyrics both.  

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 The singer describes the song "The story of a young soldier in Afghanistan who has a morphine induced hallucination about being recruited by the CIA where they have a special project where they dose him with LSD and  put him on a space ship. I think country radio is really gonna embrace it."

Totally fanfic fodder. Losers AU right there. 

Here's the studio version, because I love the guitar in this one

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 Like a modern folk-tale, told about a simpler time and place, about a logging man larger than life, doing the job nobody else can.  It has a lot of the feel of older songs like "Big Bad John" or "John Henry's Hammer."  It's new, but has that classic feel.

"I'll be damned, we'll break this jam or it's breakfast in hell, boys."

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 A simple choice--to step into this pawn-shop on this day, and a man has a brush with destiny that's almost supernatural.

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 NSFW for peen-talk. 

A man's valiant quest to locate his most valuable possession. 

With a SPN video.

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 Oh, man. So. 

This is a song about two girls who grew up together, about struggle and loss, depression and suicide. And somehow, when I'm down, it always lends me strength.

There is a line; "The thing they don't tell you about the blues when you got 'em, You keep on fallin' 'cause there ain't no bottom, there ain't no end." When I hear that, and I'm down, it rings so true, but it also reminds me of the last time I was down and listened to that line, and it did get better; it did end. Does that make sense at all? 

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 This song never ever ever fails to give me chills.  Twin thieves and a crooked judge, a stolen horse and a haunting refrain. 

" Two men rode in from the South, a rainy autumn night ..."

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 Love makes people do crazy things.
The hazards of loving a shallow woman with no sense.

You know that gut-clench feeling when you realize "Oh shit that was dumb." and "Oh god you're so very very screwed?" You can really feel that as the main character goes through a series of self-inflicted disasters. This poor guy's probably better off where he ends up, before he (and his crappy luck) get him killed.

The story in this one is such a tragedy, but what I really love is how atmospheric it is, how "The Moon is so bright it don't look like night, and the diamond how it sparkles in the Lights of Lovin' County."    

I wish there was a little more interesting video out there, but this is the best audio.

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 "Life was so much simpler when I was sober and queer."

But alas, she loses her girlfriend and in a broken-hearted rebound ends up with Lester and the complications of hetero love.

Relationships are always a challenge, and presented here in a cute way with just a hint of dark humor. 

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 This one just gives me chills. A barroom scuffle between young men escalates to  murder and murder to revenge.  The tone is so slow and tragic, like it all felt so inevitable. 

"I'm thinkin' Wilson's cousin better find a place to hide..."

We were supposed to go see him yesterday at Love & War, but it was way too hot for an outdoor venue, and the show started earlier than we'd planned for, with getting the sitter and all. I really would have liked to have made it.  He's got some great story-songs; I'm sure we'll see him again before the 100 are done.
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 Remember, kids, crime doesn't pay (unless you're the widow or girlfriend left behind, and then you get to keep the cool stuff). 

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 I've seen a few other people doing this, so I thought I would give it a shot. I really didn't know what to post about, but I've been wanting to rec some songs-that-are-stories to y'all, and I think I could make a list of about 100.

So my self-imposed rules are: It has to be a story with some sort of plot, a sequence of events, where some person makes a decision and deals with the consequences.  Most will be some sort of twang. 

I am no music critic, so I really don't have the vocabulary to describe anything but the story part of the selections. Let me know what you think though.

Truck Got Stuck by Corb Lund

A light-hearted song to start this out. Just a bunch of guys fighting an epic battle against a great sucking field of mud. Corb Lund is probably my favorite of the fast-talking alt-country singer/songwriters right now.

"Come on out here; we need you. Bring your truck."


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