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 What I accomplished this weekend instead of writing--

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So I procrastinated ordering more grommets and now I have enough for one corset left. I'm working on the last busk I have on hand too.

I'm on a "buy as little as possible and still move forward" order until the 30th, so I won't place my big supplies order until then. Which means I'm looking at about a month before I'll have new supplies.

So I made up a tasks-and-objectives list for things that I can at least get almost-done before then.

It looks like I filled my schedule, what do you guys think?

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Alicia and I in corsets. Man, that red one fits her so good. I need to put another 2 bonings in the front next time, but that's all I'd change, I think. That one is two layers of structure, with the boning between them, and the decorative layer on the outside attached at the back, top and bottom. I really like how smooth it looks.

Mine still was a little big (or my post-pregnancy body is changing daily). That is one layer of structure attached to the face all over with the boning between. Not as smooth, and I won't do that again. What I do like is the strips of black between the pieces. That's maxi-piping, which gives such a sharp look to the patchwork.

Anyway, here's the pics! If anybody has feedback or suggestions, I'd love to hear it.
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I realized today that the flaw in trying to market corsets is that just about everybody is broke or trying to save up money right now. The solution to this is that I must find local people willing to trade their labor for my sewing time and get the jobs around my house done, instead of paying a handyman to do it. So um, anybody got skills? I need to put together a wish-list of things that need doing.
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 So writing has somehow fallen by the wayside.  I think the weather is too nice to type right now.

Instead, I've been doing crazy-lots of work in the yard, planting the spring veggies and building new beds and pruning the magnolia tree in the front yard.

I've also been sewing again for the first time in years.  Sometimes less is more, and I've moved my sewing room out of the massive, 2-car garage sized room I was using and into one of the 12X11 spare bedrooms and I like it a lot more.  It feels cozier, the floor is carpeted, it's so small I have to keep it organized and clean up multiple times mid-project.  

Also, about 6 months ago, a shelf of fabric collapsed under its own weight in the old craft room, and that was the room the cats were living in while I recovered from the birth, and a lot of it ended up with cat hair and dust on it.  So I'm washing about five loads of fabric a day, line-drying it and folding it.  Nothing makes me want to buy more fabric than handling fabric.  I'm like scrooge mcduck.  I could roll around in all the fancy brocades. Mmmm.

But anyway. I got off track.  I think my fabric was too organized in the old room.  Like--I didn't dare use it or dig through it because it was where it belonged.  but now it's all messy and I've sewn 2 corsets in 2 weeks.

Anybody want a corset?  I should have pics up soon.  I have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, and am getting pretty good at customizing sizes.  I have a pattern from size 6-20.  


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