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2020-02-04 09:42 pm

Masterlist rough draft

 Hey guys, Here's the rough draft.  Just wanting feedback on the summaries and stuff.  It's sort of ugly and stuff and I need to play more with the order they're in.  Haven't exactly decided what goes first.

Rough Draft )
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2017-02-24 09:33 am

(no subject)

 Child had a fall this morning climbing her closet shelves omg and scared us so bad we called an ambulance. (child that doesn’t cry over a broken finger or bruised-to-hell shin was screaming and writhing) She’s okay. nothing broken, just bruised. Took five years off my life I swear. :( She’s resting quietly on the couch with me now. Poor kid. 

(she’s been told she can’t complain about us being overprotective for a full week)

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2016-06-14 12:02 pm

The smell of activism in the morning

 (liveblog of my morning)
3 hrs of sleep.
--Get up early to drive hubby to work because his car is in the shop, and then we're right next door to child's school so her and I killed 90 minutes at the cafe of a grocery store. 
--Fight with child’s school (I brought her lunch yesterday and put it in the director’s hand and they gave her their lunch instead). child left school yesterday starving. Mama bear wasn't happy
--For breakfast, I went in Chick fil A (I know their corporate profile is shit, but this location is cool and the morning shift manager is a lot like me) and their flag was down. 
I was like “Hey, since when do you not fly the flag?” and they said there was a bad storm yesterday, they had to take it down. and they said they’d put it up soon (they were fairly busy at the time). 
I was like “To half-mast?” and they said yes, until the 16th and I was like “It kind of looks like a message that it’s not up already” and before I was done with my breakfast there was a guy out on a ladder putting it up.
--By 10:30 I'm stewing at the internet and I am not getting anything accomplished.
--Head home to try to clean house a little.  The bank next door has their flag at the top of the pole…I might just pick fights all damn day. 
--Holy shit the bank lowered their flag. I went in smiling super polite like “hi, I can’t help but notice that your flag is at full mast. I know you’ve lowered it for 9/11 and for the Paris tragedy. I was wondering if you could tell me why not for Orlando?” and the dude went eyes wide like “oh shit” and said they’d gotten an email and it should have already been changed.
I said “that’s great! Do you mind if I wait here until it’s done?” and he was like “I’ll do that right now.” and it’s done
Holy shit my heart is pounding.
--(So I got in my car and was like "fuck it. Fighting all damn day it is.")
--Credit union of Texas flat refused to deal with the request. The manager is “on vacation” and there is no boss at all in the entire building? Yeah right.
--Polytronix (i don’t even know what they hell they are) was the worst response. I gave my “Hi, I was wondering if we could lower that flag?” and she was like “For what.” and rolled her eyes when I said Orlando, so to hell with them, whoever they are.  A cop pulled up behind me a block from there and followed me close for a few blocks (I don’t think it’s related because of how quick it was, but the front desk could see me get in my car) but they didn’t do anything. 
--Greenbank manager was very apologetic “It was an oversight” and I was like *eyebrow* “The biggest loss of american life on american soil since 9/11?” (intentional deaths but that gets kind of clunky to add to my spiel) and she was like “I’ll get the facilities guy on that.” and I was “Is he on-site?” and the teller butted in “We do a half-mast without him” like she knew the manager wasn’t doing all she could.Manager was like “We’ll get right on it.” We’ll see if it goes down when I go to pick hubby up at work. Oversight. Wow. I just. I know we aren’t humans to some people? But wow that stung. 
--Lindan Park nursing home I didn’t have high hopes for. The front door opened into a common area for the residents and the nurse there was like “I’ll have to tell the administrator.” and like–I didn’t want to be pushy since I was in a secured area already, but I pointed out the magnitude of it and left. I sat in my car a minute sending a text and when I pulled out, the handyman was already on his way to the flagpole. I thanked him profusely and left.
Anyway. I have realized I’m self-treating my negative emotions by introducing enough outside stress that my perceptions of what I should be feeling can match what I’m actually feeling, but I feel a lot better now. It’s probably not the best coping technique. I need to stop and let the adrenaline fade a little before I pass out because I am seriously not-good shaking at this point.  
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2016-01-05 06:08 pm

(no subject)

 I just posted a lot of Losers WIPAmnesty stuff over on LJ. DW is not cooperating with fic posting, so it's over there. If you like commenting here, that's fine too.
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2015-02-14 11:05 pm

(no subject)

 Huh. Either this is the weirdest sounding tinnitus I've ever had or...actually, I cannot think what would be making this noise outside of my head, so it must be tinnitus. 
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2014-10-02 01:26 pm
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Sink These Roots Deep 2/?

OMG dw is pissing me off with the cuts that don't cut and the paragraph breaks that don't break. Anyway, here's the link to the tumblr post for ch 2:

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2014-10-02 12:33 pm
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Sink These Roots Deep 1/?

selfmadesuperhero:<br /><br />commission for ladyjanelly&lt;3<br />give me your money!!!pls<br /><br />Art for that fic I&#8217;m not writing. Okay, am writing.

(art by selfmadesuperhero, now accepting commissions here: give me your money!!! Seriously great work, super-quick and super-cheap.)

So I'm posting a fic as I write it again for the first time in forever. I've been posting on Tumblr, but thought I'd put it here since a lot of people still might read it even if it's not your current fandom.

I can't believe I'm writing another homeless!epic, but I got attacked by a killer plot-bunny and it wouldn't let me go.

Sink These Roots Deep
Hockey RPS--Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn
Rated Mature/explicit/adults only
Warnings for: Homeless teens and all the troubles/peril associated. Tyler is 17 in this, which is above the age of consent in Dallas, where it is set. Puppy in distress, but I promise I don't kill the dog.


The puppy is half-dead when Tyler finds it crawling along a back-alley in Oak Lawn. Ribs and spine and hip-bones visible through its fur, half its face covered with the dried crust of some kind of goop that’s leaking out of its eyes.
He’s got no business messing with the thing. It’s just that he skipped out on the guy he’d spent the night with, well before dawn, wasn’t willing to hang out there for just the hope of a free meal. It’ll be another hour before the library opens, and he already got some breakfast from 7-11.  He’s bored, and the puppy is the only friendly thing moving at this time of day. He has a vague thought, a memory of that time his dad took him and the girls out to Polson Pier, back when dad was trying to show off what a good parent he could be. Tyler remembers a couple of teenage boys with a cardboard box and a half-dozen cute puppies inside. The sign had said two hundred bucks a pop, and Tyler thinks if he can get this one looking healthy, looking cute like those, maybe he could get forty for it.
He shifts his backpack to the other shoulder, looks both ways for potential trouble in the early-morning quiet and sits himself on the curb. Nobody should be coming by until the garbage men. He makes kissy-noises until the puppy turns his way, whining and tentatively wagging its tail.  “Hey there, hey,” he calls, and the dog isn’t real steady on it’s feet, that baby-puppy waddle compounded by weakness and hunger. Its dry little nose butts into his hand and he touches its head. The cocoa-colored fur is softer than he expected, and he grins as it tries to crawl into his lap.
“Hey now,” he warns, lifts the dog and sees that it is actually a girl-dog. Little feet paddle uselessly at the air. She feels like a cloud in his hands, no weight to her at all. She’s desperate to get to him now that she’s recognized him as friendly, whining and lunging to get closer

“Hey girl, you gotta play it cooler than that.”  The dog latches onto one of Tyler’s hands, sharp little baby teeth chewing on the heel of his thumb.
“Ow, shit, I know you’re hungry.”  He turns the pup around where she can’t gnaw on him anymore. It’s not like he has money for dog-food just laying around. He spends most of his days making sure he has food and shelter enough that he keeps looking like the kind of boy people want to give more food and shelter to. He’s careful to keep clean, keep neat. He keeps his options open, a boy strangers can take out to dinner and let crash on their couch. Sweet enough for the lesbians to want to mother and hot enough that the old queens like to watch him rake their leaves or sweep their pools. He’s got no business messing with dogs on the side of the road.
He spends four bucks on a bottle of milk and a Big Bite, the puppy stuffed in his backpack and worryingly quiet. He sits and feeds her at one of the cafe tables on Hunky’s side patio, pieces of hotdog bun dipped in the milk for her to gulp down.
“The fuck am I supposed to do with you?” he asks, and the puppy doesn’t answer.
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2014-09-04 09:15 am

(no subject)

So I’ve been going to the gym with my hubby MWF, doing weight-training and a little cardio and balance work on the Bosu. Now I’m sometimes hitting it on Tues/Thurs while he’s teaching Kung Fu classes and my daughter wants to go to the gym play-care and visit with her friends. My go-to Tues/Thurs workout is the rowing machine for cardio, the foam-roller to keep my muscles working right, stretching and balance work.

It’s been a pretty consistent two months. I’m liking what I’m seeing in the mirror, but nothing at all is happening on the scale. I may have gained two lbs, despite not changing my eating at all.

I had a thought this morning, imagining what I’ll look like if my weight keeps not-changing and my bench/squat/curl max keep going up. And I think I like the idea. I’ve never really encouraged my body to muscle up like it wants to. The little bit of water aerobics and a few scattered semesters of weight training both made noticeable differences. I’m curious how extreme the shoulder/waist/hip ratio will go (I have a lot of hips and the shoulders bulk fast). I’m about at my all-time heaviest weight (5’3” and 177 lbs) but I think I could be happy with that, thrilled even, if I can get it shaped like I want.

I think I’m going to keep general strength, cardio fitness, balance training, and flexibility as my goals, and totally remove weight-loss from my plan for now. I’m not going to eat more, but not less either. Up the protein intake and drop the carbs down a little bit. I’m thinking about this almost as a body modification project (albeit one that’ll require constant maintenance to keep it looking like I want).

I’m really glad I took some ‘before’ pictures before starting this, because it’ll be interesting to see how far I can take it.
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2014-08-26 09:13 am

(no subject)

Feeling stressed-out and weird. Like--we're moving this weekend (assuming the house passes final inspection by the city and if it doesn't pass inspection by the city I have no idea what we're doing). I should be packing, but there's very very little we've bought that we're not using on a daily basis, so not much I can do right now, but it feels like I should be.
Having one of those weeks where I'm like "Can I even write? Is anything I do good? Was it ever good?" which I rarely have but just. Yeah.
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2014-07-30 07:47 pm

New Job!!

Ugh. It was a great day, but I feel like my eyeballs are like over-cooked eggs and my brain is oozing out my ears.

I do freelance AutoCAD for a living (along with being the stay-at-home-parent) and I got a great new client in the air-conditioning field, but the work is a little more involved than other clients I worked with, so there was a ton to learn. I worked from their office today, which is like--less conducive to brain-breaks than I'm used to. But. I went from having no clue at all, to being able to ask the right questions, to being able to mark up the blueprint as he told me the changes he needed at the end. Hopefully job-after-next, I'll be able to have a sit-down meeting and be able to get everything I need to know to do the whole job.

I feel I left money on the table when talking salary, but he said "If you're happy to work for that, I'm happy to pay you" which was really cool. He was recommended to me by a good mutual friend, so I have no worries about not getting paid when the job is done, and he is in dire need of having a lot of work done, so this looks to be a regular gig.

It was really great to have a day where I didn't have to think of anything but the work in front of me. Cleansing. For me, CAD work is like getting paid for doing puzzles. I wish there was like a "Draft this in the fewest clicks possible" puzzle book. I'd do that recreationally.
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2014-06-22 07:56 pm

Non-Hockey friends, sanity check please!

Hockey is eating my brain. The competence-kink in this fandom is through the roof. I no longer have any idea if these guys are even vaguely attractive or if it's just how damn good they are at the thing they do. So help me please, non-hockey-fans. Look at these pics. Tell me if they are good to look at (I limited myself to 2 photos of each boy)Hot or not hockey players )
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2014-06-03 06:13 pm

House rebuild fuckery

Okay, the house has been broken into 3 times that we know of. Once, they stole a window-unit airconditioner and the workers' ladders. The second time they stole $800 worth of doors. There's nothing in there worth taking right now, but the workers nailed the gate shut so they'd stay out. They kicked through the paneling in the garage (it's unfinished on the inside) and got into the yard and then pried the wood that was nailed over the door off.

Apparently, nobody writes insurance policies that will cover theft or vandalism for a house in rebuild. The builder is not responsible. I'm pricing guard-dog rentals tomorrow. Has anybody ever used this kind of service?? They're insured for $2million but I think that's just if the dog damages things or someone sues for getting bit.

If we put the electrical wiring in and it gets stolen, or the parts of teh central AC that are outside, we will have to take out a loan to cover the loss. If we have to do that twice, we'd be better off to have sold the house as-is and bought a move-in ready place.

We have to tell the apartment complex 60 days in advance before we move out. We can't move forward until we know if it's secure.

I am so fucking stressed. I just want to curl up and write porn all day.
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2014-05-28 09:54 am

(no subject)

Ah fuck. I'm having a day where I need to hide and do nothing and instead I have to finish an autocad job (I had promised it yesterday and didn't even start it). And instead of working on my work I'm farting around on the internet, reading things that are upsetting me and leaving the kind of "Your major premise for this fic is flawed" sort of feedback that I would hate to get as a writer.

Sami screamed at me for nearly an hour before she went to sleep last night, woke up at 2am and yelled for another hour. I thought bedtimes were getting easier. :(

I just want to eat like 20 cookies and take a nap here on the table at chick fil a.
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2014-05-25 01:06 pm

(no subject)

Hrm. I'm working on a hooker!fic and wondering if an element has been done before? It has to have been done before, as much hooker!fic as there is in the world?

Okay, so, there's a professional athlete, let's call him Jamie, and he hires a high-end escort, "Tyler." And after a dozen or so appointments and some outside-life events, Jamie says he wants to date. So they try, but Tyler has always kept a very clean compartmentalization of work and not-work and this is messing with his head. The first time they try to make love when it's not a financial arrangement between them, Tyler calls it off, and is like "We can date, or we can fuck, but right now, I can't do both." Has this been done before? Too many times? In an iconic work?
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2014-05-20 10:07 pm

Fic: Rest My Secrets, Hockey RPF, Crosby/Malkin

Rest My Secrets (21843 words) by LadyJanelly
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin
Additional Tags: Kid Fic

Geno’s been running away for years, from the scandal in Magnitogorsk, from any chance of getting his heart broken again. He’s working as a bouncer in Pittsburgh when he meets Sidney Crosby—hockey phenom, single dad, looking for someone to handle personal security for his little girl.

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2014-05-17 06:28 pm

(no subject)

Sigh. I want to write this sweet hooker-fic but it just—to end up where I want it to, it needs to start with a long-ish scene that’s both both sexy and pretty vanilla? And from the client’s POV, and I just—have forgotten how to do sexy vanilla (looking back at my AO3 history, it’s possible I never knew how to sexy vanilla).
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2014-04-09 09:45 am

Abandoned Fic, "Exit the Warrior," last of the "Today's Tom Sawyer" series

Okay, so there's nothing written of this one, just the summary/notes of how the story was going to end, but even just the outline sort of broke my heart, and it is never going to be written.

Fair warning for character death and Winchesters not dealing well with being left behind by those they love.

Exit the Warrior, Today's Tom Sawyer )
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2014-04-04 02:32 pm

ABANDONED fic: Love Will Find You, Jeff/Jensen werewolves (again)

Warnings: Brief mentions of sexual and physical child abuse, rape, heat cycles, post-conception birth-control, injury to a wolf-shaped person, ?? (you guys generally know how I write. I don't think I'm gonna trigger anybody)

Love will find you )
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2014-04-04 02:31 pm

Beta needed, Hockey RPS Seguin/Benn

 Anybody interested in beta-reading a short (1200 word) Benn/Seguin PWP light-kink fic? 
Implied Boston misuse of rookies, oral sex, exhibitionism/semi-public sex, slight/mild coercion, consent miscommunication (mild, ends up a happy surprise), set in a world where sex is a pretty standard team-building tool, praise-kink, Jamie adores Tyler, The feeling is mutual, more fluff than angst, 
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2014-03-27 08:20 pm

Fic: Envy the Rain, Hockey RPF Kane/Toews,


It’s the kind of thing Pat has only seen in niche kink porn, two subs sceneing together. It can’t possibly be something that works, can it?

Words: 22128, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

(Warnings/Enticements are spoilery)
Enticements: Kink, PWP gone plotty, D/s setting, trope-twisting, bondage, impact play, figging(ish), hints of breath-play, blurred roles, aftercare galore, facials, unprotected sex between established safe partners, mention of previous Jonny/TJ Oshie, gay men partaking of lesbian porn, fisting fantasies, slight het, praise, sexual D/s, non-sexual D/s, the good-kind of crying, consent is sexy, negotiation is sexy, fuck-buddies to more (but it was always more, wasn’t it?), recovery, healing, happy ending

Warnings: Mentions of past bad doms, vague descriptions of backstory assault/non-consensual BDSM, detailed descriptions of BDSM continuing after consent is withdrawn, a character downplaying abuse they sustain, sub drop, graphic physical violence against bad-guy, dissociation, PTSD, All bad-guys are OCs.