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Jul. 30th, 2014 07:47 pm
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Ugh. It was a great day, but I feel like my eyeballs are like over-cooked eggs and my brain is oozing out my ears.

I do freelance AutoCAD for a living (along with being the stay-at-home-parent) and I got a great new client in the air-conditioning field, but the work is a little more involved than other clients I worked with, so there was a ton to learn. I worked from their office today, which is like--less conducive to brain-breaks than I'm used to. But. I went from having no clue at all, to being able to ask the right questions, to being able to mark up the blueprint as he told me the changes he needed at the end. Hopefully job-after-next, I'll be able to have a sit-down meeting and be able to get everything I need to know to do the whole job.

I feel I left money on the table when talking salary, but he said "If you're happy to work for that, I'm happy to pay you" which was really cool. He was recommended to me by a good mutual friend, so I have no worries about not getting paid when the job is done, and he is in dire need of having a lot of work done, so this looks to be a regular gig.

It was really great to have a day where I didn't have to think of anything but the work in front of me. Cleansing. For me, CAD work is like getting paid for doing puzzles. I wish there was like a "Draft this in the fewest clicks possible" puzzle book. I'd do that recreationally.


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