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 Whew. Feeling amazingly accomplished today.

Started the day with a 2/3 mile walk with Sami. I washed out some plastic drawers to put in her room to control the toy chaos.

I hemmed a pair of pants for a friend of mine (for money!)

Washed dishes and laundry and started dinner for tonight and lunch/breakfasts for tomorrow. 

Got a ton of new stuff up at my Etsy, from elf-coats and hoodies to wire-wrapped elven ear-cuffs.  I still need to make a massive post of vintage stuff. I hit an amazing sale last Saturday, picked up two awesome 1940's women's suits and some more modern dresses and coats. I'm not thrilled with the quality of photos from my new photo-room, but it's better than it was. I can still take outdoor photos in the winter and re-list stuff. It does give a lot more freedom with the model and costume changes.

So much more to do, but it feels like a serious dent in the to-do list has been made. Tomorrow will probably be mostly-lost to driving hubby to work, Sami to school and dealing with getting the other car fixed, but at least I don't feel like the whole week's been lost.


Aug. 10th, 2012 03:16 pm
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 Had a great morning with a model for my sewing. Got a lot of great pictures

SPN Devil's trap denim jacket )
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I've got a few non-custom-order 2XL sweater-hoodie projects in my work-stream and I'm wondering how to handle a couple of issues and I'm hoping to get some feedback from anyone who wants to give it, but especially you ladies who are around that size.  I apologize in advance for anything I get wrong and hope I don't offend anyone.  

Using upcycled materials for plus sizes is a little different than using stock fabric, in that it requires quite a bit more labor to go along with the larger amount of sweaters.  There is more piecing required to make it large enough and to keep it from having too much non-altered space.  Also, "found" zippers only come 22", maybe 24" and are too short for the plus sizes so I need to buy new decorative hooks that are almost the same cost as the sweaters themselves.  

So to be fair to myself, the finished 2XL product needs to be around 1.5 times the price of a medium.  But I feel bad charging more, I feel guilty that i don't have any of that size up yet, and I feel it's being condescending to explain why it's more in my product notes even though I know I probably should so it doesn't look like I'm taking advantage of the larger size ladies.  

Does that makes sense at all?  I don't even know for sure what my question is, I just would like your thoughts and maybe that'll give me a starting place to tease through my own emotions on this issue and figure out what I'm even asking.

Thanks for any feedback,


Jan. 15th, 2011 07:55 pm
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 Hey y'all.
Just posted up 5 pieces of "wearable art" up at my Etsy store, if anybody is interested.

pic cut for size )
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I'm really enjoying making these.  I usually get so picky with sewn art, these are fun to just cut loose and let the mistakes be part of the craftiness of it. 
My latest two creations )
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 What I accomplished this weekend instead of writing--

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So I procrastinated ordering more grommets and now I have enough for one corset left. I'm working on the last busk I have on hand too.

I'm on a "buy as little as possible and still move forward" order until the 30th, so I won't place my big supplies order until then. Which means I'm looking at about a month before I'll have new supplies.

So I made up a tasks-and-objectives list for things that I can at least get almost-done before then.

It looks like I filled my schedule, what do you guys think?

to-do list with pretty inspiration pics. )


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