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Title: Sean Fucking Prick-tease Flanery 1/1
Author: LadyJanelly
Pairing: Flandus
Rating: Probably NC-17 to be on the safe side.
Warnings: Slash, RPS, First time(ish), PWP
Disclaimer: I don't know them. Nothing I say is based on anything but the sick thoughts in my head.
Notes: Unbeta'ed. Sequel to "Fucken Brilliant," you'll probably want to read that first.

Here there be porn )
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Jujitsu 8: Power Tie )

(EDIT: Just a FYI for those who are squicked by bondage and the like--This fic is not going there. Have no fear, gentle reader.)

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Two questions about Sean Patrick Flanery )

Damn I need to make some SPF icons.

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Fic: Jujitsu 6--relax

Rated: PGish?

Warnings: Guys being a couple and stuff.

Jujitsu 6 )

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Title: More Plans -- Jujitsu# 4
Author: LadyJanelly
Pairing: Sean/Jujitsu guy
Rating: G
Warnings:  Fluff,  Men thinking about dating each other
Disclaimer: Ficticious. I swear. I don't know them or own them.

Summary: Logistics

Read more... )

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Life is crazy...working 45 hr weeks when i'm used to 20.  Trying to keep writing but all my characters want to be as sleepy as I am.  Which isnt a bad thing to write.  Once.  When they all want to be written that way, it becomes a problem. 

So on that note, here's a little more of the Sean/Martial-art-instructor universe.  Still no promises that it'll ever amount to anything.


First date )

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another little SPF/karate instructor thingie, inspired by [ profile] goodtwin 's evil little picture (see my previous post if you havent already)

This installment misses a G rating by one occurance of the word "hell."

Dinner plans )

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My first RPS.  Blame [ profile] goodtwin  for posting this pic.

The new belt )


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