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 [profile] angstpuppywas a sweetheart and made me art!

It's for Domestic Short-Hair and it's adorable.  

Go.  Tell her how great she is.
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 OMG. Nobody's ever made art for me before.

[personal profile] digitalwavemade a cover for the model-verse and it's Beeeeautiful.  

Go! Appreciate!  Leave her boatloads of freakin' feedback!
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 So.  I sorta wanted to go to coronation today.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember it was today until around 3pm.

Had to take a test in the testing center at school sometime today, and my sewing machine came out of the shop today, and yeah.  Amtgard totally skipped my mind.

On the up-side, Sam got a crap-ton of writing done, and I got a bit done.  I did well on the test (I think), and I sewed for like 8 hrs.  Applique borders are cool, but a leeeettle time-consuming.  So many layers to plan and attach and sew and  sew and sew again and then satin-stitch.

This sample is real quick.  Gotta do a tighter stitch on the actual piece, and guide the curves a little more accurately.
The black and white stripes came that way on the fabric.  The pattern had such a huge repeat that so much ended up as scrap that I almost wish I hadn't tried to match it.  

I really want to start putting more of my non-writing, creative work here.  Need a digital camera so bad.
sample )

Also, why do I have to try something new on a huge project like all the way around the bottom and up the side-slits of a shin-length garment?  Why can't I talk myself into doing this on a little bag or something?
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Photoshop.  Nothing fancy.  Might try doing a watercolor of this later.

pic )

Makin' Art

Apr. 11th, 2005 06:41 pm
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So Janell, what did you do this weekend?

 I made art. )

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Having a very creative week. Sewing and writing both, so that's good.  Read more... )


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