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 We did a major event last weekend.
I'm the archer-bitch in the cowboy hat. I'm seriously not quite that chubby right now--I was wearing a padded tunic, chain maille armor and a gwazi over that. Laaaayers. 

tons of big photos )
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 I'm starting to feel like myself again. The airrosti guy has gotten the scar tissue broken down to where pain isn't stopping me from doing the things I want to do very often. 

I hit Amtgard like a Bow-azon archer this weekend. Fought a grueling 2 hr battle in 92 degree weather with super-high humidity. Breaks for 'death' were 30 seconds and then back into the battle.  I must have shot 200 arrows. It was just totally insane.

My team was playing lizard-men, trying to stop the villagers from retaking their town, so we were set up to lose from the beginning as a scenario for the newer players. Our team was about half the size of theirs, but we had me (the only bow on the field) and a pair of top-level fighters.  One of them commented that he loved walking around looking threatening while I floated behind him and did all the slaying from range. 

I went out in minimal gear (just the bow and quiver, no pads or armor), so I was only carrying 12 lbs or so extra weight, but the short bursts of speed rushes we were running really got the backs of my thighs a great workout.  The 35 lb pull on the bow has put muscle back on my back and upper arms in an incredibly short span of time. A month ago, my old upper-arm bow-string protection was about half an inch loose and it's tight again and my overall weight is down, so that's pretty notable. 
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 Well, I can't say I was the Archer Bitch today (because it's hard to be a bitch to a target-dummy), but I shot 90 arrows this evening, and feel something like my old self.

Today I did blind-fire speed drills (nocking the arrow without looking at it). Depending on how blistered my fingertips are/how sore my shoulders are, I will try to get in fire-and-move drills tomorrow. Thinking of making some instructional vids since people always ask how to get better but nobody ever says "Oh, I tried that thing you suggested."
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Played Scout in the battle game. Healed people. Scout-entangled people. I had crappy backup (besides Rath) and died to back-stabs a lot.

Played in a ditch for the first time in a year (Yay PE class). It was a good thing I had Kendra there helping me run PR because yeah.

I have no idea why nobody got mad at me. I nut-shotted this one guy like 3 times with the pole (I did tell him the first time that when he came at me swinging wild with a big heavy sword that it made me frightened and I tend to lose control when I'm afraid. Delicate flower that I am.)

I tried to remeber to smile as I stabbed people in the nuts. I'd be mid-fight and remember. Maybe they thought they were having fun.

I shot Ryan (Xaver) in the nuts at the picnic table for hunching Thordor and he pushed me on the ground (Okay it was more like I fell while kicking him in the nuts) and he nearly got mobbed by the horde of newbies. Thordor and Zandros and Kendra dog-piled him.

I am having fun.

I think maybe I'm a bully.

It's unfortunate for the others that my first emotion that seems to have come back online is the joy in slaughtering the opposition.
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Yeah, I had planned out a huge play-by-play of the adventures this weekend, but here's the highlights:

Camping in a cabin with A/C and a shower!
Shooting that guy that wouldn't move in the nuts (with a padded arrow, still, ouch)
Margul's knighting! Look! Pictures!¤t=DSCN1054.jpg
(That's me on the right. You can go left or right from there to see more of the ceremony)

Margul made us all breakfast. For me, the one who always cooks, that was very cool. Like a real vacation.

Came home nowhere near as sore as I thought I'd be.
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How to recognize a friend:

I went out and fought a hard day of Amtgard today.

My back was notably unhappy about that.  

So I said to my friend Rant (at the park) and [profile] spar30(later at the fast-food place), "dude, don't be perverted about this, but rub my back *here*" and I guided their hands to that place on the outside of my upper hip and lower back.  Like my lower back like below the waist-band of my pants, lower.  

And they both did it.

And neither was perverted about it.

I gots friends. :)


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