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Mini Nano is working out pretty well for me. I haven't hit every day's writing, but I've hit more than I would on a usual month, sometimes staying up after Sami went to sleep to get words written that I otherwise wouldn't have. It also looks like I'll hit my [community profile] inkingitout Challenge of 75,000 words for the year. I think I might make my goal next year posting 75,000 words because I have a depressingly high number of abandoned WIPs this year. 

Projects for the year so far:
  • The Gentlest Chains series: 25,561 words, all but 4000 posted, still alive and planning on how to write the bonding scene soon.
  • Shawsy/Bollig Werewolf fic: 1870 words (not sure if this is going anywhere or what)
  • Sid/Geno kidfic Bigbang "Full House": 5650 words, steady progress being made
  • Sid/Geno bodyguard kidfic: 12500 words, mired in major edits. Hoping to catch a second wind
  • Sid/Geno semi-magical hidden-world fic: 10,000 words, stuck in some minutia that is boring me to write and will bore the readers but I don't know how to skip over it
  • Toews/Kane kink-fic: 1844 words (see below)
  • The Losers Cougar/Jensen D/s setting: 3200 words probably abandoned
  • A couple more false starts that died or I was distracted from under 1500 words

Anybody interested in betaing a 1800 word Toews/Kane kinky PWP with whispers of angst and implications that it might be a D/s setting? I'm hoping it's sexy but I'm a leeeeetle bit rusty writing teh sex. 

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They’re easy to hate, these North American boys who came to Russia and stole away some of the best players of a generation. If Alex’s own family had been less financially secure or his mother less stubborn, he himself could have ended up lapdog to some Canadian. He hates Sidney Crosby the most, the shining Star who stood on Russian shoulders to rise so high.

Words: 3508, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of The Gentlest Chains

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 I'm thinking about taking small-child to see the Dallas Stars practice on Wednesday. Has anybody else gone to an NHL practice? Any advice?
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Taylor's journey, her choices, her life as Sidney Crosby's little sister.

Note: This series is more of a collection of random moments than a WIP. The first piece has the beginning and the end, and these are just glimpses within that timeline (and sometimes outside of it). Most of these short stories work fine if you've only read the first one.

Words: 3067, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of The Gentlest Chains

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 I can't believe how much general research I've done for the hockey fandom. It's so strange, when compared with FPF  fandoms where there's a very finite amount of canon (even if it's hundreds of episodes of a show, there is a limit) or other RPF fandoms where it's about a particular set of actors and their lives that you play in. There are relationships and interactions, feuds and rivalries that span back to when the characters I'm focusing on were in pre-school. 

Now I'm writing in hockey fandom, and damn is that well deep. I'm all tied up in researching Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr (mid-80's to mid 90's time frame,) and trying to wiggle the real-world canon into this bonding AU I've been playing with. It seems like a lot of work but the background is too fascinating to not know.  

I think Mario is now on my  "top-ten celebrities that I respect the hell out of" list. The man is tough as balls. Seriously. Who gets radiation treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma and then gets on an airplane and flies to Philadelphia and plays a hockey game? Who buys a hockey team with the back-pay that they owe him and drags it out of bankruptcy and pays back every penny of the debt? 


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 Fic somebody else should write:
(Blackhawks AU)
Somewhat-inverted prison!fic trope.

Cut for the usual prison-trope attempted non-con and incongruous fluff )

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 I'll say this about hockey fandom: They're not stingy with the kudos or the comments:


About 1/3 of the comments are me thanking and replying to people, but still. That's almost twice the kudos to comments ratio of my other fics up there.

Also, I caught some hard crit. It was awesome!
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 First finished fic in FOREVER. 

I've been starting a new fic about every 3 days and not finishing anything, so I had to figure out what I wanted to say and how to say it in 1500 words or less.

So now I have a shiny-new fic to re-read myself before sending off to the beta-reader. 1390 words of Sid/Geno hockey-RPS, very-AU and chock-full of tasty tropes. 
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Why am I 1200 words into writing a Rule 63 Sid/Geno fic where Geno was always-a-girl (but still 6'2" and 190 lbs of muscle) and Sidney is not-quite a hockey-sexual? How, exactly, did this happen? I'm totally blaming my husband, who always answers "So write it" whenever I mention a type of fic I'd like to read.  It has a little of the feel of Jaime/Brianne from GoT, if Jaime wasn't a dick.

This thing will need a major hockey-beta and Russia-beta, if I get to an ending. Sid and Geno haven't even met yet, at this point, but I'm guessing 6-10,000 words, (after I factor in the way fic seems to expand from my projected length, every single time). Just 1200 words of back-story and then a straight-up romance, with a pair who are so oblivious and inexperienced they can't see what's right under their noses. That can't be too long, right??


But writing again feels amazing. Like totally amazing. Even if I'm drowning in plot-bunnies to the point that I can barely start sketching out one idea before I'm distracted by the bright-shiny of the next one.


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