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A scout sends him a file with a photograph in it, Crosby and Malkin out on the ice, wearing SSM maroon and black sweaters. They’re hugging in what must be a goal celebration, cheeks flushed and eyes bright. So damn young. What a waste.

Words: 3553, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of The Gentlest Chains

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 So, instead of actually putting new words on my hockey big-bang fic today (which is at 13,000 words), I tried to keep other plot-bunnies from distracting me, by outlining them in Scrivener. 

I outlined 3 different fics today, between 9 and 14 note-cards/scenes each (and they'd be sure to expand from there if/when I actually get into the writing). 

I have no shortage of ideas, that's for sure.

The three bunnies I worked on are:

The Tazer/Kaner magical realism that I talked about a while ago, where Pat is a cursed fairy prince and Jon is Jon. The biggest sticking point of that one is trying to find a way to express why either of these guys finds the other attractive beyond "They just do." One of the notes is "P insults J, his face and his hockey."

Sid/Geno, also somewhat magical, where Sid has a very bad night after a game and ends up without money, shoes, jacket or phone, in Pittsburgh in the winter.  Geno is the 'homeless' guy who rescues him. And there's a whole world of magic that Sid has sometimes dreamed of.

Sid/Ovie dystopian fic where pro athletes sometimes go to underground pit-fights. It's not really Ovie's scene, but there's this one fighter he can't get out of his head, a regular that's owned by the house. So he keeps going back until his favorite is injured in a fight, and by then it's too late to walk away.

Okay. Now that that's pinned down and not going to get lost in my brain, I need to work on the BB some more. 

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Arg. Always nervous, dipping my toes into a new fandom. Thanks to all the dirty-dirty enablers out there for your encouragement. 

Title: The Gentlest Ties
Author: Ladyjanelly
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairing: Sid/Geno preslash
Rating: R
Warnings: Teen characters in peril, implied harm against other children in the AU setting (reluctant bonding fic)
Gratitude: To [personal profile] unperfectwolf and [personal profile] queenklu for the wonderful quick beta jobs. I had to go and fidget with things once they’d read, so if there are any errors left, they’re all mine.

Beyond that door is a boy Sid has skated with six times, and spoken to twice. He’s a year older than Sid is, and drugged out of his mind on Bonding agent. .
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