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 I had a dream and parts of it would snap into comic book panels, all dark and dull-colored like the batman comics I had from the 70's. 

I was a character(fatigues, combat boots and a gun, no spandex), and I was leading the bad guys past my friends and something happened and one of the bad guys caught one of my friends and was choking her so I came up and shot him in the head.

Later, there were these tubs of mineral-rich water and she and I were in seperate tubs healing from the adventures and I was the character but I was also myself in my head and I was thinking "I totally see where the femslash in this fandom comes from."
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I dreamed I was in the backseat of a car driving down a suburban road.  I was half asleep with my head pillowed up against the window and watching the scenery go past.  

A bird on a lightpost took flight and as it flew paralell with the car it changed and grew and became a sea-dragon swimming through the sky.  Half whale and half dinosaur with a pointed snout and huge flippers.  It was joined by a small whale and in the distance I could see great humpbacks breaking the surface of the town. 

water rose between the buildings in great rushes and waves but the whales didn't seem to need it and they would dance sometimes below the surface and sometimes in the sky.  The water rose and rose and I was afraid and i knew I was dreaming so I changed the water to wooded hills with dome-roofed palaces above them.  The car I was in drove and drove and I rested in the beauty and stillness and in my dream I slept.

when I woke from the dream within a dream I was behind the wheel of my car in a parking lot in the small town I had lived in in Florida, across from the Marina store.  I was upset and disoriented and I remembered spinning around and thought maybe I'd wrecked my car.  My phone was hard to work but I got hold of Sam and he came and got me out of my car and I hadn't wrecked.  

A woman was there then and we were inside and Sam was talking all gentle as the woman put an IV in my arm.  

I woke again but still inside the dream and we were home and a man was fixing the problem electrical outlets.

Sam thought I needed a break after the electrician left and we went to this aquarium where there were more critters out of the tanks than in them and this weird hopping-snake landed on my leg and I screamed and on the way out we had to step on leeches to get to the door and they were falling on us as we ran to the car.

Somewhere after that I woke up for real.
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I had a dream last night that I was watching a season of SPN that came before 1.

The acting was waaaay bad and the special effects were like--stop motion animation.  

There was a witch who had made a spell and she was hot for Dean.  

The boys  summoned two voodoo-type spirit things--gourd skulls and twig bodies and they danced and broke the spell-broom and then broke each other until there was dust.
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I was standing in a field with some friends
A bird flew overhead and dropped an egg. One of my friends caught it and handed it to me. It was transparent and golden, like amber. It was warm and slightly yielding, like it hadn't solidified yet.It fit between my cupped hands, and probably weighted half a pound.
I held it up to the sun, and the heads of two baby rats were inside, along with the yolk and the squiggly little embryo.
I put it in a warmer at my grandmother's old house in Florida.
It hatched, but I never saw the shell or the rats' heads after that.
at first it was a little bird, all wet and scrawny. we dried it off and kept it warm.
the bird grew up to be a kitten and the kitten grew up to be a fat baby.
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I had a dream that i went to the grocery store for fruit, and when I walked through the door it became a grocery store in 1997 (I'm not sure why that's important). But time-shifting like that messed up my head and it was like I was seriously drunk, and so was everybody else, and the store was almost out of merchandise. I called Sam, and somehow the phone still worked. He talked me through how to get back to the door and when I went through it shocked me so bad I woke up with a gasp in real life and woke Sam up too. Much snuggling ensued.

I remember a shortage of apples (at one point I was trying to climb on a display to reach some) and there were two old people who were buying these things that looked like a pringles can with a fly-swatter on the end with the intention of playing tennis with them.

edit: That's Sam my husband, not Sam from SPN
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I dreamed I was driving, on one of those places where there's a breakdown lane and then a wall, and some guy ran me off the side of the road with his car. so I'm sitting there, trying to get my heart back in my chest, and I look in front of my car, and there's this mountain of cardboard boxes in front of me, with this hidious brown and black fabric spilling out the top of it, like some awful couch has been skinned.

But it's fabric.  So I get out of my car to investigate, and after I move the yucky fabric, there's this pink brocade that's impossibly soft, so I pile that over to the side.  And then there's this shimmery gold, quilted silk.  And I gotta have that.  Big pieces too, like 3-4 yards.  

And then I dig a little deeper, and there's this fucking roll of olive-green embroidered silk.  Like 30 yards.  Like 60 lbs of fabric.  I started carting fabric to the car.

Dream-sam called me at some point, and I told him what I'd found.  He said I could take it home, if I'd do him one favor--but he never told me what it was, and we got disconnected and I got distracted by the shiny, silky beautiful fabric again.

I woke up this morning and almost forgot the dream, until I went out to put my crap in the car, and alas, it was empty.

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Had weird dream last night about the apocalypse and fighting with the Justicars against some back-woods millitia group.

Dunno where Sam was, but my mom (who was with her ex in the dream) wanted me to come up to NC with them to be safe.  I told them I had people to find, and clearly the big black late-60's muscle car was the vehicle to take, since its gas tank was more full and it'd be quicker to siphon from the 2000 sedan and top it off.

I remember a gun-battle in the woods.  I was sniping some old guy with an AK-47 set to 3 round burst from the back of a broken-down old blazer, and laying down covering fire so my boys could get up on their encampment.

Later, I ran out of ammo and nobody had any, but Kerb gave me his backup gun.  This other fat old guy came up with a rifle over the wall we were hiding behind and poked the barrell too far over, and I grabbed it with one hand and shot him with Kerb's gun in the other.  I was very annoyed when he wouldn't go down, just kept screaming and bitching, so I turned the rifle around and shot him more with that, and he still wouldn't go down, and I was like "What the hell?  Is this a pellett gun?"  But eventually he died, and Kerb was laughing at me.

That's all I remember.  I hope my car was okay.
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So I had a dream last night, that I signed up to be in a market-test thing for some SPN merchandise, where they'd send me stuff and I'd let them know what I thought.

And I waited for my box, and I was so excited when it came.

And inside were some coverless little notebook-things (like 1/4 sheets of notebook paper with the cheap glue binding) that said:  From the Desk of Kim Manners.

So I told them I was a little underwhelmed.  If they were steno size I could have written fic on them.

Oh, brain, why are you so weird?


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