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Title Life Drawing 9/?
Author LadyJanelly

Pairing Jared/Jensen (this chapter is Jensen focused gen)
Rating R
Warnings Possibly triggering material regarding a minor (feel free to message me if you'd like a more detailed warning)

Jensen is 13. )
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 Another of those plot bunnies that I'll never have to write. I feel like I could flow a novel out of this outline.

 This feels oddly familiar.  I think I heard about a ST episode (next generation) because of the gender issues and stuff, but I don't think I ever saw it.

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They live on the same street for two years, but it isn’t until sixth grade that Jensen and Garret have a class together. Not until then that Garret even knows he exists and then only as that weird kid who sits in the back row, wears too many clothes and doesn’t talk much. He’s older than everybody in the class. Slow or maybe retarded.
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 Okay, so getting stuff done with a new baby is a little harder than it looked.
Anyway, here's another chapter.  Kind of short but I wanted to share.

Livin' was mistakes not made )

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What have I been doing lately besides making a baby?

 writing some fic.  Unbeta'ed, no ending in sight, but here for your amusement--

Jensen flies... )
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That firefighter fic that I haven't posted on in waaaay too long.

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More firefighter fic.

Jensen doesn't deal well with boredom.

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So now the firefighter fic has a title. :)

Not really a long chapter, but a good stopping place.

Also this is making me want to break open photoshop and do some quicky fun manips.

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More firefighter fic.

Um, anybody have a suggestion for a title? Because I've been pondering for days and coming up with nothing.

Anyway, here, have some fic.

Oh, and also, that light silly feel I was going for? Totally gone. Warnings for semi-date-rape-something in this one.

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I wrote. :)
Trying for slightly silly and light fic. Dunno if it's gonna work.
Here's the first chapter. I'd love any and all con crit y'all could give me on it.

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Thanks so much to Embroiderama who turned this rabid bunny loose on me and was kind enough to beta the fic she inspired.

Thank you to everyone who commented. You gave me wonderful threads of thought to feed my inspiration. You gave me the motivation to follow it to its end.

This is the longest fic I've ever written.
This is the most side-characters I've ever worked with in any story.
This is the first time I've worked on a multi-chapter fic without working on anything else.

You guys are awesome.

This is for you.

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I'm back!

Sorry for the huge delay. Last weeks of school are eating into my time. Almost done though, and I had a breakthrough and finished up this chapter and half of the next.

Thanks to Embroiderama for the wonderful beta. It's a better fic thanks to her.

On with the show )
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Family and the many meanings there of.

Thanks to Embroiderama for the beta and bunny.

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Shit, meet Fan.

Thanks to Embroiderama for the beta and the bunny.

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Sometimes coping is the best you can hope for.

Thanks to Embroiderama for the beta. Welcome back. :)
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Jensen talks to cops
Jeff watches cops
Jared worries. A lot.

Unbeta-ed pending Embroiderama's return to LJ-world.
Hope everything is okay.

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OMG I'm so behind on my comments from the last chapter but I want to get this one out.
I'll get to those from last time. I do appreciate the comments like pigeons appreciate popcorn.

Jensen and Jared go to the Museum
A new actor enters stage left

As always, thank you so much to Embroiderama. For everything. Seriously.

Jensen isn't sure he likes the bus )
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Jensen is affectionate.
Jared reciprocates.

Thanks to Embroiderama for the good advice on where to break this chapter. It's a little short but believe me, it's a good thing.

About freakin' time. )
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Jeff? Still Badass.
Jared is a saint.
Jensen is unpredictable.

Beta and Bunny by Embroiderama
ljcut )
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Beta and Bunny by Embroiderama, without whom this would never have been

Jared vs the man
Jeff vs the streets
Jensen vs the mirror

Also--Thank you all for your wonderful comments and stuff. You've really helped to keep me focused and rolling with this fic. You are all awesome.

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