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Title: Freedom (26 parts, complete)
Author: Rainweaver13
Pairing: Viggo/Orlando/some others
Summary: A highly trained empath's first case is a shattered mystery man.

More an original fic than LotR RPS, but man. This just---wow. It was rich in every way. The characters, the plot, the world-building. Wonderful, wonderful work. It was just slashy enough to be sensual but mostly a gen-feeling fic. Slow, realistic build up to things while all this crazy-intense plot is going on. Karl Urban too! :) Looove this fic.
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Matt and Karl with bonus Ben Affleck.

So much love for my cheerleader: trishabooms


The restaurant )
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 Karl Urban/Matt Damon, set in poisontaster's Kept!verse.
Concrit would be deeply appreciated.
I think the soundtrack for this fic is all Portishead.
Thank you to trishabooms for holding my hand for this one. :)

The deal )
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 So much thanks to [ profile] trishabooms  for playing cheerleader for this fic.

Oh, and any concrit/commentary, whatever for this fic you might have, I'd love to hear it.

Karl.  Matt.  Kept!verse.

The Job )
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 Karl Urban.  Matt Damon.  Kept!verse
Short chapter but it kinda needs to break there.  More soon.

The Mask )
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Karl Urban/Matt Damon, set in the Kept!verse.
NC-17 this chapter, issues of consent
Huge thanks to [ profile] trishabooms  for being my super-sweet cheerleader on this one. 

The Test )
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 I'm watching Chronicles of Riddic now.  I think I saw it in theatres or something.  It looks real familiar, 15 minutes or so in.  Sami thinks the box is amazing and wants to eat it.  Karl's nose is very distinctive.  

Pathfinder was better than expected.  Karl in a loincloth.  Nice action, not a horrible  Hubby liked it too.

Bourne Supremacy was great, but not enough Karl.

Doom was pretty bad.  I really liked Karl's character though, and the moral slide another character had.  The best parts of the movie were like 70 minutes in though.

Commanche Moon: (bought but not yet watched)

Lotr: TtT and RotK: Also great, also not enough Karl.

The Irrefutable Truth About Demons: Haven't seen it, Can't find it.  Is this Karl's "Devour" type movie?  

Star Trek: Started this damn Urban obsession in the first place.  A fun movie with the stupidest plan for a bad guy ever.  It hurts my brain to figure that was the best that Nero could come up with.  The man is not a military genius.
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 Matt Damon/Karl Urban, set in poisontaster's Kept!verse.  Warnings for slavery and all the ugliness that goes along with that.

I'm posting here to see what people think and where it goes before posting it at the  [ profile] whatwekeep  community.

The purchase )


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