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belt up under the
floor boards creek and jeff raises his
head to press gentle
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Oh crap.  So, interesting?

1) On paper, I'm the perfect little domesticated wife.  I can cook and sew, clean and shop.  In reality, I do all of these things on such a random basis that I don't think my husband counts on any of them being done.  Still, I think I'm a godo wife.  I really love my husband and I try to do the thing that'll make him most-happy as often as I can remember to.

2) As a writer, I"m very set in my ways.  I have to write in a white steno-pad, either an 80 or 100 page size.  My handwriting is horrible, and I have these little shorthands and abbreviations.  The only person who can read my untyped fic (besides me) is

[profile] evolardnek  I feel very flattered that she loves my fic enough to brave my scribbles.

3) I started writing fanfic before I could write.  Literally.  My mom has these notebooks of fic she wrote down for me.  Total self-insert Wonder Woman/Janelly Sue non-graphic fem-slash.  I think those comics really messed me up in some fundamental ways.  Like with the whole bondage thing and stuff.  That's not right, man.

4) I think # 3 is so personal it should count as two facts.  This space left intentionally blank.

5) I have incredible willpower on the big things, and none at all on the little things. I have to figure out ways to trap myself into doing the things I want/need to do, like writing and homework and sewing.

6) It's a sign of the apocolypse if I find jeans that fit.  I've got a huge ass and a sway back and there's always this awful gap at the top back part.

7)  I wore makeup for the first time in months, yesterday.  Because someone else wanted to put it on me so bad.  I managed to bear it for about 3 hrs before wiping it all off.  I'm not good at the girly thing.

8)Sam thinks I get my parenting instincts from my grandmother.  I went to live with her when I was about 16, and I'd have been so messed up without having that safe haven to finish growing up in.  I really don't want babies, but I keep "adopting" these teens around 14-18 and providing a bit of realistic, non-judgemental sanity.




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