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 Warnings: Animal cruelty, dog fighting, werewolves, ??
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I've decided to empty my SPN RPS file, since there's a pretty much zero-percent chance of me finishing any of them.

SPN RPS WIP Fic-purge. This fic is ABANDONED and will not be finished.

Getting too old for this shit, he thinks as he steps around some bum on the second landing, the smell of piss and booze rising sharp from the man. If drunk and incontinent are the man’s worst qualities, Jeff won’t begrudge him the floor space— maybe the stench will keep the thieves and druggies out of the building. The last time a junkie died, the building manager had made them all stay out until the cops had taken down the crime-scene tape, afraid of the city finding out people were actually living in these lofts.

His key sticks in the padlock on his door, and he thinks for the millionth time about picking up a can of WD-40, even though he knows it’s such a low priority he’ll never get around to it.

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Brandon likes being the Blackhawks' go-to guy. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his team. What Jonny's asking for? This is no hardship.
Words: 1689, Chapters: 1/1,
Warnings/enticements: role-playing, pretend power imbalance, predatory talk, D/s, lack of negotiation (but it all works out okay), first-time, possibly-virgin!Jonny, ambiguity
Inspired by this video:
Fandoms: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Brandon Bollig, Jonathan Toews
Relationships: Brandon Bollig/Jonathan Toews
Additional Tags: Role Playing, Consensual Kink, First Time
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 Hey, anybody up for betaing a 1700 Bollig/Toews PWP role-play kink with make-believe power imbalance and a little D/s?  Anybody?
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 Hey guys, so when the fire happened, I had those SPN jackets I'd painted in a back storage room. They got a tiny bit of smokiness, but not bad, and I couldn't throw them away, so I took them home and washed them with vinegar. 

Smoke is all gone, but the paint has less of a crisp stark whiteness to it and more of a well-loved t-shirt look. The market on Etsy had already sort of quieted down, and I don't think I want to go to the work of re-photographing them without a studio and lights and mannequin. 

So, beloved friend's-list, I'll send them to you guys for the price of shipping (like $10 to most of the US).  I have:

Devil's Trap, brown on a tan jacket, size LARGE. Jacket is sort of blue-tinged from being washed with the denim.

Devil's Trap, white on a dark blue NYJeans zipper-front jacket, size MED, but it's a small medium

Anti-possession tattoo in black with white accents on blue XL jacket

Devil's trap in white on a blue XL jacket, really cute jacket, collarless with big fun buttons on front. 

Anti-possession in white on a blue collarless dk blue jacket, size M (but this one runs small too)

Devil's trap in white, on a size SMALL faded blue jacket

First come, first served, and I've got this listed at LJ and DW both. If you're not sure if the jacket you want is still available, throw your name down anyway while I check on it or whatever.

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From: [personal profile] marina

So, I saw this meme on 
[personal profile] resonant's journal and thought it was the coolest idea, so, replicating!

I went to a conference this fall where instead of saying, "Hello, my name is ..." the name tags said, "Ask me about ..."

I loved that. It was a sustainability conference and that narrowed the options a bit, but there was still a surprising variety. "Ask me about organic eggs." "Ask me about green alleys." "Ask me about saving electricity." 

We have a huge range of knowledge and talent here. We pretty much know who can draw and write and pod and vid, but if some of you are experts on octopus intelligence or making eclairs or the works of Jane Austen, I would never know it. I wish we had those name tags here.
Ask me about:


Picture framing

Costuming for fantasy LARPs

Four year old children

First person accounts of running into a burning house

Being a girl playing a male-dominated "sport" (Amtgard)

Any non-yarn craft, probably (Leatherworking, sewing, beading,  various jewelry making, pottery, watercolor painting, any other? I might know)

Alt-Country/Americana music (I can't say what I like is any sort of professional opinion, but I know what I think is good).

I know about Dallas and Richardson TX and the surrounding areas. For the love of TEXAS, if you're writing Dallas Stars fic or J2 fic, PLEASE ask a Texan to Tex-pick your fic. 

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Still dealing with fire stuff. Things on my plate right now:
  • Selecting a contractor to do the work
  • Finding a lawyer, because we're out about  40,000 in under-insured rebuild cost and more than that in contents over our coverage, and the AC company was very clearly at fault.
  • Dealing with insurance (who have all been super-nice).
  • getting a new apartment selected, furnished and moved into. it sounds like a big job to move everything we own between getting up Wed morning and Checkout time at 1pm, but really, it's 2 car loads, and we can put one of them into my husband's car the night before, so it's not that big of a deal
  • looking for an accountant to make sure we have some way of dealing with our taxes this year (our previous one disappeared on us)
  • Piffy is still not eating great. I thought he had a full meal this morning, but found half of it barfed on top of my shoes. He's lost a little weight (that he could stand to lose) and his poops are normal (he has stomach issues and when they act up his poop is loose and bloody). We'll have to keep an eye on it. He seems to be feeling good, playful and loving.
  • AutoCAD work (one small job) + I need to put the building plans from the house's construction into CAD so I don't have to pay an architect to do it.

I'm still writing on Fridays, if not during the week. Still on the Pat/Jonny fic. 16,000 words and growing. More sex-scenes than I think I've ever written in any fic ever, but I don't think any of them could have been left out.

One month in and I'm already jonesing for some craft thing to do. I might have to buy a jewelry kit to keep me occupied with a minimum of mess and bulk to move.

I think I might invest some of Sami's rebuild-fund (a friend held a small fund-raiser for her and got $1500) to decorate her new room once we get into the apartment. We went to Target last night and she really liked some things that I thought were very pretty and would make a cute room. 

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Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I will try to get to some individual answers later, but there's still a ton to do before my husband goes back to work tomorrow.

Here is basically my fb posts from the last few days, to update everybody on what's going on:

12/12 We're currently living in the Marriot Residence Inn in Richardson. It is swank. Like a tiny apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, linen and maid service, free breakfast bar every day and an evening food-thing 4 days a week. Looks like we'll be here for at least a month. We should know then how long the house will take to fix/replace, and if our housing allowance will stretch that far. Sam's company is catering our food for the next 2 weeks, and after that we'll be in NC visiting my family for Christmas. Space is a little tight for storage and clothes and toys, etc. The little bit I bought for Sami on the first day just about fills her area. I think it'll be good, getting used to having less stuff before we have a big house to fill with crap. Hopefully we can achieve a less cluttered life after this.

12/13 Today we went and salvaged all of our worldly possessions from the house. It was less than 2 car loads. We've filled about half of a 5X5 storage unit waist-high. This is sad. But freeing. Fresh start. Better habits.

Apparently I lost more data than I thought. There was a moment when I almost went back into the fire to grab the laptop because of my writing, but didn't because I have Dropbox. But now I'm opening files and they weren't all up to date. I'm using Scrivener, which saves all new data every few seconds, and it was saving to files in dropbox on my desktop, but apparently it was only going to the cloud when I would actually close a scrivener file? I've got one fic I'm going to have to recreate from the bits I had sent to my cheer-leader, and a few others have lost 2-5000 words. (UPDATE: My god-daughter's fiance has taken all the computers and thinks the hard drives should be fine. He's a hardware guy, so he's doing what he can to move the data over. We'll see soon what I've lost).

The insurance company's fire inspector went through the house and has said it's definitely the central heat's electric furnace that caused the fire. There were about four code violations in the wiring--jumping from one breaker to another, using the wrong wire, etc. They were drawing 90 amps through a 10 gauge wire. He's just surprised it didn't burn down earlier. The insurance company is suing the AC company for us, and whatever they get, we'll get our deductible back out of that, plus if there's any shortfall between our homeowner's policy and the cost of rebuilding, that'll be covered too. Our house burned down because they cut corners and rigged stuff together instead of using a $50 part. That just sort of breaks my heart.

12/15 Piffykins wasn't dealing well with being away from momma, so we brought him to the hotel with us (it's okay with the hotel). He's doing a little better. Whenever I leave the hotel, he cries and then hides under the bed. He's eating a little bit if I'm there with him, but hasn't emptied a normal food-dish since we got him here on Friday night.

I went out with my friend Chad and got some pricing estimates on the last stuff for the inventory. I found Sami's school photos from last year in decent shape, so brought those home. Sam wants to go look for one more box he's thinking about, and then I think we're done there.
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We had a catastrophic house fire last night. The house and almost everything in it are totaled.

So yesterday at around 5, I put Sami in the car to take her to my friend Michelle's house so I could leave to go to my hockey game before Sam got home since he was going to be running late. I realized I didn't have my phone or the number of the girl I was going to meet at the game, so I ran back in the house to get it. While I was in, I was like "What's that smell?" and I checked the stove to make sure I didn't leave it on, but it was cold. I turned around, and there was black smoke pouring out of the AC vents. I grabbed the closest cat in one hand and dialed 911 with my thumb and ran outside, tossed Blue into the car with Sami, ran back in, and flames were pouring out of the AC closet. I found Piff in the smoke, hiding and crying behind the kitchen table, grabbed him and ran out again. And then I couldn' think of anything worth going back in for (but now I wish I had somehow had the presence of mind to grab Sami's baby pictures hard drive as I was running out). I left Sami and the cats int he car and ran around the front of the house (still talking to 911) and told my neighbors nobody was in the house before someone could run in. And then we stood on the neighbor's lawn across the road and watched our house burn. All our neighbors were great, I think we had 5 offers of a place to stay the night.

We had just put in the new AC/Heater because the old one was from 1975 and cobbled together--it had a different blower and heating element and parts held in place with duct tape--but it didn't catch on fire, so maybe we should have kept that one.

Our insurance agent is treating us great. The adjuster showed up with a check for living expenses before he stepped foot in the damaged house. They're setting us up with temporary housing and reimbursing us for hotel expenses, etc. We've got to go through and itemize the things we lost. It looks like the house is a total loss. We're talking with a restoration place about saving the keepsakes like the quilts from my grandmother and Sam's grandmother. Everything we own is burnt, melted, soot-covered and/or soaked. But it's just stuff.

I have no idea what my daily routine is going to look like for the near future while we get the house torn down and rebuilt. I have to do the inventory of stuff, but after that, I see a lot of writing time opening up (hopefully). I need to pick up a new laptop today, and we're going to get smart-phones now so we can deal with some stuff since we can't be home.

We're doing okay. Sami is at that stage where her toys are her friends, so she's having a few rough moments, but otherwise she's okay. We're replacing some of the special pieces (Grover, Wolf-puppy, her cupcake lego set).
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Hey, a friend of mine has Stars/Hawks tickets for Dec 10th in Dallas, section 101, row N, that she was given as a gift and she wont' be able to go. Anybody interested in taking them off her hands? They were $80 originally and she'd like to get that (or close to it). Anybody interested?
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 I'm trying to do a second month of mini-nano, with a minimum goal of 300 words per day of not-traveling (it's a heavy travel month).

Day 2, 347 words, Kane/Toews D/s setting story (now at 10,979 words)
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Mini Nano is working out pretty well for me. I haven't hit every day's writing, but I've hit more than I would on a usual month, sometimes staying up after Sami went to sleep to get words written that I otherwise wouldn't have. It also looks like I'll hit my [community profile] inkingitout Challenge of 75,000 words for the year. I think I might make my goal next year posting 75,000 words because I have a depressingly high number of abandoned WIPs this year. 

Projects for the year so far:
  • The Gentlest Chains series: 25,561 words, all but 4000 posted, still alive and planning on how to write the bonding scene soon.
  • Shawsy/Bollig Werewolf fic: 1870 words (not sure if this is going anywhere or what)
  • Sid/Geno kidfic Bigbang "Full House": 5650 words, steady progress being made
  • Sid/Geno bodyguard kidfic: 12500 words, mired in major edits. Hoping to catch a second wind
  • Sid/Geno semi-magical hidden-world fic: 10,000 words, stuck in some minutia that is boring me to write and will bore the readers but I don't know how to skip over it
  • Toews/Kane kink-fic: 1844 words (see below)
  • The Losers Cougar/Jensen D/s setting: 3200 words probably abandoned
  • A couple more false starts that died or I was distracted from under 1500 words

Anybody interested in betaing a 1800 word Toews/Kane kinky PWP with whispers of angst and implications that it might be a D/s setting? I'm hoping it's sexy but I'm a leeeeetle bit rusty writing teh sex. 

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They’re easy to hate, these North American boys who came to Russia and stole away some of the best players of a generation. If Alex’s own family had been less financially secure or his mother less stubborn, he himself could have ended up lapdog to some Canadian. He hates Sidney Crosby the most, the shining Star who stood on Russian shoulders to rise so high.

Words: 3508, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of The Gentlest Chains

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 I need someone who's been following the Gentlest Chains series to read what I'm working on and tell me if some stuff is coming at a natural pace or if I'm pushing more than I think I am? One of those where I've re-written and re-read it so long I don't even know what I'm looking at. 
Not really a beta-reader, just a plot-coach? Cheer-leader with veto power?
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 We did a major event last weekend.
I'm the archer-bitch in the cowboy hat. I'm seriously not quite that chubby right now--I was wearing a padded tunic, chain maille armor and a gwazi over that. Laaaayers. 

tons of big photos )
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No lie, the hardest thing about writing hockey-fic is that I'm writing Canadians and Russians, and I can't make it feel natural to get their shoes off at the right points in time.

I'm totally hand-waving shoe removal because it's too awkward for words.

Is it a Texas thing? A Southern thing or a US thing? Or just me? Because seriously, I would never have my shoes off in someone else's house without being asked to take them off, unless it was like family or very close friends. It would feel horribly rude. Nobody wants to see my socks. It would feel super-overly familiar. I don't even take my shoes off in my own house until there's a reason to-- until I'm changing into pajamas or curling up on the couch or something.
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I went to the doctor for a boob issue and taught her something she had never realized.

I was going through the list of possible reasons my breasts could be swollen, and one of them was "I haven't been around any crying newborns lately" and she boggled at that, like "What? What would that have to do with it?" and I told the story about my room-mate whose body was TOTALLY PREPARED to feed Sami when we first brought her home.

And then my doctor stopped, and blinked, and said "I was around a baby yesterday. And I thought my breasts felt heavier this morning."

So yeah. Boobs are amazing. But also frustrating when they do weird stuff and we don't know why. I'm cutting my caffeine consumption and watching a week to see if it's a hormonal issue.
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 Stars/Caps game tonight! Under $12. I'm taking a four-year old. Anybody want to go with us??
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 Battle lines are drawn, personal boundaries blur.

Sidney and Evgeni at Rimouski.

Words: 4668, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of The Gentlest Chains

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 I'm thinking about taking small-child to see the Dallas Stars practice on Wednesday. Has anybody else gone to an NHL practice? Any advice?


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