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Okay, so there's nothing written of this one, just the summary/notes of how the story was going to end, but even just the outline sort of broke my heart, and it is never going to be written.

Fair warning for character death and Winchesters not dealing well with being left behind by those they love.

I had one plotted out but broke my own heart with just the outline and couldn't write it. :(
Pollo Loco still happened. Ben was trying to talk Max into hunting with them (the priest was a monster of some sort). She still broke his neck.  Sam was listening in on the radio. Sam kills Max over it (there's no way to dodge a bullet going faster than the speed of sound, 2 points for the sniper rifle). He starts working to bring Manticore down.
And then he comes across a cage-fighter named Monty Cora. Ben, who doesn't know him, doesn't remember him, and he's got to fix this, so he kidnaps him (Tazer, check. Horse-tranquilizers, check. Serious bondage-gear, check.) He takes Ben back to Bobby's and tries to undo whatever Manticore has done to his head.
Sam, for the love of family, is a terrifying creature. He kidnaps and tortures a Manticore psy-ops scientist, kills him and reanimates him to ask more questions. He bleeds to work black magics, raises demons to question.
And Alec...his grip on 'self' was never so strong. And the idea of being loved is too tempting, and so close. All he has to do is stop fighting the chemicals and sleep-deprivation and endless emotional talking they subject him to. To say "Sam. Please. Help me remember; I want to be Ben again," and so he does. Says the words and gets out of the chair, out of the cell. Smart enough to figure out what Sam and Bobby are looking for. Fakes it until he believes it. Even though he knows, he knows he's had his barcode removed, and that it grew back on it's own, and he has always been, will always be, 494.


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