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Sigh. I want to write this sweet hooker-fic but it just—to end up where I want it to, it needs to start with a long-ish scene that’s both both sexy and pretty vanilla? And from the client’s POV, and I just—have forgotten how to do sexy vanilla (looking back at my AO3 history, it’s possible I never knew how to sexy vanilla).

Date: 2014-05-18 03:24 pm (UTC)
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We're so used to kinky gymnastics and multiple partners that it's easy to forget that just actual sex and the enjoyment thereof has its own pleasures. I've gotten to the point where I skip most sex scenes and go to the action scenes, or to the emotional discussions.

But I like fics that concentrate on the sensory details. Touch, how skin feels under the fingertips and how lips feel on it; scent (not smell!) and sound are probably the easiest, lavender or sandalwood, husky voice, kind of thing; and then with sight, there's what the character is seeing, or not seeing.

Added to that is what I call the "psychology of why". WHY do all these things move the person? Are they touch-deprived? Whose scent or voice are they missing? Do they like what they see, or are they missing what they don't see? etc

I think the more emotional and sensual the prose is, the sexier vanilla sex is. I think it's a more straightforward need (and/or love) than kink is.


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