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Mini Nano is working out pretty well for me. I haven't hit every day's writing, but I've hit more than I would on a usual month, sometimes staying up after Sami went to sleep to get words written that I otherwise wouldn't have. It also looks like I'll hit my [community profile] inkingitout Challenge of 75,000 words for the year. I think I might make my goal next year posting 75,000 words because I have a depressingly high number of abandoned WIPs this year. 

Projects for the year so far:
  • The Gentlest Chains series: 25,561 words, all but 4000 posted, still alive and planning on how to write the bonding scene soon.
  • Shawsy/Bollig Werewolf fic: 1870 words (not sure if this is going anywhere or what)
  • Sid/Geno kidfic Bigbang "Full House": 5650 words, steady progress being made
  • Sid/Geno bodyguard kidfic: 12500 words, mired in major edits. Hoping to catch a second wind
  • Sid/Geno semi-magical hidden-world fic: 10,000 words, stuck in some minutia that is boring me to write and will bore the readers but I don't know how to skip over it
  • Toews/Kane kink-fic: 1844 words (see below)
  • The Losers Cougar/Jensen D/s setting: 3200 words probably abandoned
  • A couple more false starts that died or I was distracted from under 1500 words

Anybody interested in betaing a 1800 word Toews/Kane kinky PWP with whispers of angst and implications that it might be a D/s setting? I'm hoping it's sexy but I'm a leeeeetle bit rusty writing teh sex. 

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 I have not one, not two, but three different Sid/Geno fics open in Scrivener right now, all at 12,000+ words, all incomplete but being worked on steadily (one is the Gentlest Chains which is mostly-posted). If only I could pick a fic and work through the outline, I'd get a hell of a lot more finished.

I'm finally making progress on the bodyguard fic (my beta-readers will know which I mean). Major overhaul/edits, and I need to work on an OC's motivations, but glad to be moving on it again. 


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